Level II - Technical Training

Level II is the point at which the member really begins to learn where they fit into the unit and begins to acquire the skills necessary to become successful within the unit. The member chooses a specialty track based on his or her interests and unit needs and duty assignment, and will train to attain a technician rating in their specialty (at which time, he or she receives the Leadership Award). Members also begin to receive unit leadership and management training so they can strive to achieve leadership positions within the unit. To assist members, they are required to take Squadron Leadership School, designed as an in-residence introduction to unit leadership and management as well as CAP squadron organization. Members also take the online CAP Officer Basic Course, which provides further leadership and organizational education. Once all requirements for Level II are complete, the member receives the Benjamin O. Davis Award. Members are typically eligible for promotion to 1st Lt at this phase of their careers.

*Source: CAPP 50-4, Vol 2 The Student Guide, page 87

Successful completion of Level I allows members to progress to the next phase of their professional development. Level II training provides education in professional and leadership skills to prepare members to be effective participants in squadron-level functions. 

Level II training consists of three main components:

  1. Attainment of a Technician rating in a Specialty Track
  2. Completion of the online CAP Officer Basic Course (OBC)
  3. Completion of the online or in-residence Squadron Leadership School (SLS)