Level I - Orientation (New Members start here)

This level gives the Senior Member tools in which they can be an active member in CAP. When the member joins CAP, they are given access online to orientation materials that they are encouraged to study. This level has THREE blocks that have both an online and classroom component. The classroom component is most often led by the Professional Development Officer or delegate. Once Level I is completed, Senior Members can begin to train in a variety of technical and/or mission-related skills. Additionally,  they are typically eligible in six months for promotion to 2d Lt.

* Source: CAPP 50-4, Volume 2: The Student Guide, page 87.

Literature for New Members

CAP Senior Member Packet: Effective 15 July, 2013, CAP will be eliminating the printed New Senior Member Packet. New members will receive the information electronically.

You should also become familiar with the governing regulation on professional development, CAPR 50-17, found here.

Level 1 Training
After your CAPF 12 Application for Membership has been processed and approved at CAP National Headquarters (NHQ), you will be assigned a CAP Identification number, and you will receive your CAP ID card.

Once you have been assigned your CAP ID number, you can begin your Level 1 Training.  But first, you must setup your CAP eServices account, which is the primary CAP database for all CAP members' record keeping and qualification tracking.  To log into eServices, click here:

Once logged into eServices, click the "Learning Management System" link, and then click the "Level 1 Orientation" training link.  Your Level 1 Training consists of 5 online training modules, including Intro to Operational Security, CAP Safety, Cadet Protection, Equal Opportunity, and Foundations. 

Upon completing the Level 1 online training modules, let the Squadron Commander know.  You must then have a 1-on-1 "Summary Conversation" with the Squadron Commander (or designated Mentor) to complete the remaining credits for Level 1, including Cadet Protection CPPT and Foundations training.  The Summary Conversation typically takes about 1 hour.  In this conversation, you will review your answers from the online training modules, and discuss CAP's core values, discuss your expectations in CAP, prepare you for the next level of achievement, Level II, and explain how you can be more active in the unit.  Together, you and the Commander will choose a Specialty Track for you to begin your Professional Development.

Personnel File
Get with the Squadron Personnel Officer so a new Personnel File can be created for you at the squadron meeting room.  This is kept in our file cabinet, and contains paper copies of much of your membership records.  Note that eServices is typically the primary record keeping database, but paper copies of certificates, training records, etc is important to keep on file.

You will need to arrange with a member of our squadron to have your photo taken to be uploaded to eServices.

Ohio Wing Email Distribution:
Soon after receiving your CAPID, you should setup your Ohio Wing email account, so that you can be on the Ohio Wing email distribution and receive important information provided to Wing members.  This is the only way for new members to be included in the distribution, and it WILL become your primary CAP email address.  All Ohio Wing CAP business and information flow using email is conducted via this email system.

Go to http://help.ohwg.cap.gov/getting-started
This email is a Gmail account, and you can follow the links to find information on how to synch your iPhone or Android smartphone mail with your new Gmail account.  This is great because email is the primary means of communication, and having the email at your fingertips allows you to respond to urgent requests that much faster.

Let the Squadron Commander know once you have setup your Ohio Wing email account, and begin using your Ohio Wing email for all future CAP correspondences.
Lastly, update your eServices member profile.  Remember to update your contact info and personal profile with your new Ohio Wing Email and cell phone information, in CAP eServices.