Transport Mission Pilot

CAP Regulation 60-3, and the SQTR for the Transport Mission Pilot (TMP), defines the minimum requirements for becoming a transport mission pilot.  We have found that the minimum requirements on the SQTR do not adequately reflect the skills and capabilities of what is typically required of a TMP.  Therefore, we have adopted a supplemental SQTR (see file below) that contains additional requirements to be signed off by a qualified Pilot, so that a TMP will be fully qualified and able to perform the roles and responsibilities of a TMP.

The purpose of utilizing this supplemental SQTR is NOT to determine the airmanship or flying ability of a potential TMP. Since the pilot must be FAA-current and have completed an initial (current) CAPF 5 Checkride administered by a CAP Check Pilot to be considered for the TMP-rating, this SQTR assumes that the TMP-candidate possesses the aeronautical knowledge, aircraft systems knowledge, and flying skills needed to perform any missions/flights that could be assigned to a TMP. This SQTR primarily focuses on the CAP-specific Protocols, Procedures, and Paperwork that are necessary for a pilot to operate within an Emergency Services Mission-Environment.

Before the Squadron Commander or Operations Officer signs off on the official SQTR in eServices for a candidate pilot's TMP, the pilot must have this supplemental SQTR completed and signed off in full.