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Location and FAQs

Meeting Time and Location:

Meetings are held at the Ohio State University Airport, Don Scott Field, KOSU, normally on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 pm (unless the Monday falls on a holiday). Check the squadron calendar for meeting night information.

Ohio State University Airport
2160 West Case Road
Columbus OH 43235

From the north outer-belt I-270, take the Sawmill Road exit.  Drive South on Sawmill Road for approximately two miles, then turn East on West Case Road.  The Ohio State University Airport entrance will be on the left in approximately one mile.

From Ohio Route 315, take the Bethel Road exit.  Drive West on Bethel Road for approximately one mile, then turn North on Godown Road.  In approximately one half mile turn West on West Case Road.  The Ohio State University Airport entrance will be on the right in approximately one mile.

Park in the recommended parking area as shown on the picture.  Our office is in Hangar 4, at the East end of the parking lot. The building and ramp are secured behind a locked gate, so please contact the Recruiting & Retention Officer or the Squadron Commander prior to your visit, so that we will be expecting your arrival.

Even if you have access to the ramp or hangar via other means, please notify us upon your arrival and let us escort you in from the parking lot.

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1What does our CAP squadron do?

Columbus Senior Squadron focuses primarily in Emergency Services and Aerospace Education.  Emergency Services includes search and rescue, disaster relief, and homeland security.  As a Senior squadron, we focus much of our attention to training and serving as crew members in the aircraft for these missions.  We also promote Aerospace Education both within and outside of our squadron.  Our squadron will attend local airshows, organize squadron trips to nearby airports, and participate in CAP cadet orientation flights.

2.  Do I have to be a pilot?

No, some of our members are not pilots.  Those members who have completed the appropriate training can fly as Mission Scanner/Photographer, and Mission Observer.  These are non-pilot aircrew positions equally vital to completing our missions.

As a pilot, with the required training and the qualifications, including 200hrs PIC and Mission Scanner/Observer experience, you can become a Mission Pilot.  The Mission Pilot ensures the flight is conducted safely and in accordance with CAP regulations.

There is no requirement to be an aircrew member to participate in the squadron.  Our squadron functions because of the work of many of our officer staff members, including Finance, Aerospace Education, Professional Development, Public Affairs, Safety, etc.  These staff positions exist to support the administrative requirements of running the squadron.

3.  What is expected of me as a member?

We are all volunteers.  Having a desire to serve will ensure your satisfaction in the organization.  You are responsible for your own success in CAP.  As a member, you should expect to attend regularly scheduled squadron meetings, complete various training requirements, attend professional development training outside of the squadron meetings, and participate in any other training activities of your choice.   This will provide you with the education and experience needed to contribute to the organization to your maximum potential.  You may wish to pursue a Command position, or positions at the Wing (state) level.  Opportunities come to those who are most dedicated and qualified.  The prior Ohio Wing Commander, Colonel Greg Mathews, and the former National Commander, General Charles "Chuck" Carr, both were members in our Squadron!

4.  Are there other squadrons near where I live?  Are there Cadet Squadrons?

There are several CAP squadrons in the Columbus and surrounding areas.  In addition, we are fortunate that the Ohio Wing headquarters are also here in Columbus.  To find other CAP squadrons in your area, check here.

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