The historian at the Squadron level is expected to:

  1. Assist the commander on all historical matters. 
  2. Implements a historical program to include: 
    • Publish general and special histories, monographs, studies, and similar works. 
    • Publish material of a general nature to inform the public relative to CAP history. 
    • Collect and preservation of material historical significance. 
    • Collect and publish oral histories of individuals who have made a significant contribution to CAP. 
"The recording of events is significant. But it is the compilations of facts that 
tell of events combined with the analysis and evaluation of evidence from 
primary and secondary documentation that produces a high-quality 
historical study. A comprehensive history is of considerable value for 
research purposes and to serve as a documentary. Since a history is 
objective and it describes in an accurate fashion activities that happened, it 
enables others to use the data for research, policy and organizational 
planning, and to portray activities of individuals and groups during specified 
times. Histories not only tell of success, they cover failure and defeat, 
explain problems encountered and solutions attempted."    CAPP 223 Historian Specialty Track Guide
Capt Jeffrey Page, CAP