Mission Preparation

When participating in any Emergency Services mission, the following checklist should be used for to ensure you have the required items

All Members
  • CAP ID Card
  • CAPF 101, printed from eServices showing latest qualifications and training statuses
  • CAPF 161 Emergency Information, completed (2 copies)
  • CAP Uniform (Proper and correct)
  • Driver's License
  • SQTR, printed from eServices (for Trainees)
    • All Crewmembers: Enter Vehicle sortie for transportation to/from Mission Base or Airport
    • Pilots: Enter Aircraft sortie

After the mission, within 24 hours:
    • Complete and closeout Vehicle and Aircraft Sorties
    • Scan receipts (On the receipt, write: Your Name, CAPID, Mission Number, Sortie Numbers, Aircraft Number or License Plate) and upload to the Sortie in WMIRS
  • Email or Send via USPS to Ohio Wing HQ
    • CAPF 108 - Completed
    • Scanned or Original Receipts