Emergency Services

SAR/DR and CD Operations
Best known for its members' work in search and rescue and disaster relief missions, CAP is expanding its role in the 21st century to include an increasing number of homeland security operations and exercises.  CAP also performs counter-drug reconnaissance missions at the request of law enforcement agencies.  Members undergo training to perform these missions safely and cost-effectively.

Homeland Security
CAP is uniquely positioned to conduct operations in support of nation's homeland security initiatives.  With decades of operational experience, CAP can provide low-cost airborne assets across the nation, all manned by mission-ready personnel who have demonstrated capability to work with federal, military, state, and local agencies.  As the civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, CAP has now been placed under the Air Force Homeland Security Directorate.

CAP participates in air defense training exercises with the Air National Guard, by providing airborne platforms, helping Air Force fighter pilots practice intercept our general aviation aircraft, flying  in North American airspace.
Emergency Services Officer:
Maj David Sitter, CAP

Disaster Preparedness Officer:
1st Lt Kevin Jones, CAP

Search and Rescue Officer:
Maj Matt Davis, CAP

Emergency Services Training Officer:
Maj Joe Mosher, CAP