Aerospace Education

CAP maintains both internal and external aerospace education programs.  CAP members, both adults and cadets, follow programs to learn about aviation and aerospace principles.  CAP also reaches out to the general public through a special program for teachers at all grade levels.  Through this program, CAP provides free classroom materials and lesson plans for aerospace education and each year sponsors the premier national conference in this field.

Aerospace Education is one of CAP's three missions.

Columbus Senior Squadron has participated in aviation related educational field trips.  Prior aerospace education activities included visits to the Port Columbus TRACON and airport tower, the Rickenbacker airport tower, and Flight Safety International training center.  The squadron has also hosted a statewide Pilot Continuation Training seminar for all CAP pilots in Ohio and co-hosted a CAP Mission Aircrew Training weekend.

Several of the squadron's qualified pilots participate in the CAP Cadet Orientation ride program, providing flights to CAP Cadets in both powered aircraft and gliders.

Check out these smiling cadets!

In 2012, the Cessna Aircraft Company published an article spotlighting how Cessna aircraft provide the necessary single-engine platforms for CAP's volunteer members to perform their missions.  The article can be found here:

In 2012, our squadron was invited to visit the Presidential Helicopter while it was in town for President Obama's visit.

Squadron Aerospace Education Officer:
Capt Mark Holtzclaw, CAP

2d Lt Darren Fout CAP
Capt Paul Huffman CAP